An Outdoor Adventure on Our Local Backroads

I’m not sure about you, but as soon as the temperature drops below 60, my outdoor adventures come to a screeching halt.  Even though we are not living in a region buried under layers of snow or have to face blistering winter winds, being outside in the cold is not always very inviting.  But, spending all winter locked inside can have negative effects on our health.  Plus, we live in an area where outdoor adventures are close by, fun and can keep us healthy throughout the overcast days of winter.

Hiking Adventures

outdoor adventure - local backroads

We live in an area that is full of beautiful hiking trails.  If you are looking for something close to home, Mt Diablo offers hundreds of miles of trails that range from easy/beginner and family friendly – to paths that are best explored by experienced hikers. Black Diamond Mines is a great area to hike.  Not only are there well-marked trails, there are restrooms and picnic tables.  Hiking up to the historic graveyard offers insight into the history of the area and, if you schedule ahead, there are tours of the old mines!  If you want to venture out a bit more, Morgan Territory Regional Preserve in Livermore offers beautiful views, a variety of paths, and a peaceful quiet.  Las Trampas in San Ramon and the Greenbelt Trails in Hayward are other local favorites.

Bike Tours

Biking is another fun way to get outside in the California winter weather.  Like hiking, there are opportunities across the bay area.  San Francisco has a lot of reputable bike tour companies, which makes jumping on a bike a little bit less intimidating.  Whether you are want a day on your own, a day-date with your loved on, or even a family adventure – bike tours are a way to do it.  Grab your bike and jump on a ferry and spend the day on Angel island.  For the most adventurous, ride across the Golden Gate bridge!

Horseback Riding

horse back riding

Another fantastic way to explore our local backroads is on horseback.  From the valley to the Bay and over to our beaches, there are an incredible number of places where you can ride horses.  Even if you are new to horseback riding, many stables offer introductory classes and guided tours.  Imagine galloping down the beach in Half Moon Bay or traversing Los Vaqueros preserve, the fields in full blossom, on a beautiful horse.  The experience is unmatchable – and again, something we can all do to explore the great outdoors.

Even though there is a slight nip in the winter air, spending time exploring our local backroads in the winter is something we all should do.  It keeps us healthy and active, and breaks up the doldrums of the winter.  Plus, it is just a fun way to spend the day on our local backroads.