An Annual Act of Benevolence

Mike’s Auto body has been a recognized member of Contra Costa County for decades.  Back when Brentwood was little more than a widening in Highway 4, Mike has been building his practice of reliable, honest and highly skilled car repair.  Mike Rose, founder of Mike’s Auto body, was a graduate of Clayton Valley High and has been committed to the community of the East Bay ever since.  In 1972, as a recent high school graduate, Mike opened his first, of many, auto repair shops.  And as far back as 1972, Mike’s Auto body has been committed to helping the people and organizations in each community they serve.

Nearly 2 decades ago, Mike began giving ‘new-to-you’ cars to local community members in need.  The first recipient was a single mother of two children, and from there, the recipients have spanned the spectrum of circumstance.  Mike knew that in Far East County, life could be a challenge to anyone without a vehicle.  The gift of reliable transportation is life-changing.

On December 12th, Mike’s Auto body celebrated their 18th annual act of giving.  In partnership with partners, vendors and Mike’s Auto Body Shop Managers and Technicians, Mike’s Auto body presented five families throughout their service community a newly rebuilt car following the tradition that has become known as Mike Auto body’s Benevolence.

As the warm sun finally broke through an overcast day, the atmosphere at the event was festive and heartwarming.  The team at Mike’s Auto body, and their affiliate vendor partners, work hard all year to provide the gift of transportation to community families.  Hence, the car isn’t just a car. The car represents the hard work of committed people proud to be able to give back to their community.

It is simple to understand why there were tears, smiles, hugs and a powerful energy of gratitude and unity throughout the event.

We are proud to recognize Mike’s Auto body and their beautiful act of annual benevolence.

Highlighting another local business’s willingness to give back to our community is another reason why we love to explore our local backroads.  If you would like to learn how you can give back through Mike’s Auto body Benevolence, email directly at info@mikesautobody.com or comment below for more information.