Petersen Vineyards: Every Day is A Good Day to Be Tipsy

For those of you that have spent some time exploring our local backroads enjoying local wineries, those of you who are lucky have surely come across a Petersen Vineyards.  Petersen Vineyards truly is nestled in the depths of our local backroads in Knightsen, California.  Following the main street through town, you know you are on the right track when you find the large Oak tree designating where to turn across the street from the beloved Knightsen Elementary school.  Following the winding path to Petersen Vineyard, where you can enjoy a glass of the recently released Tipsy.

Petersen Vineyards

Petersen Vineyards is a young winery in the far East Contra Costa town of Knightsen.  The winery specializes in red wines and port wines. What makes the wines from Petersen different than many of the other local wineries is that his wines are made from Spanish and Portuguese varietals of grapes.   These Mediterranean varietals typically produce full-bodied wines with high alcohol content known for their unprecedented quality and diversity in flavors. When you sip your first taste of Petersen’s red wines, you will be transported immediately into the Spanish and Portuguese landscapes the grapes originate from.

Playful Product

What is unexpected at Petersen’s vineyard is his recently released white vermouth, playfully named Tipsy.   Petersen’s vermouth Tipsy exceeds any expectation you might have of a vermouth.  Made from a fortified Chardonnay port wine, Petersen infuses Tipsy with 14 herbs and botanicals – creating a fun, refreshing and unexpected tasting experience.

When you head out to Petersen Vineyards to taste his unsurpassable vermouth, there are many ways you can experience Tipsy. First, just a pour of Tipsy over ice.  It brings a sweet highlight of flavor, that is bright and fun.  Not like other vermouths that are heavy and typically enjoyed in complex cocktails such as a Dry Martini or a Manhattan, this one is enjoyable chilled over ice.  Tipsy also is enjoyable over ice with fruit added, such as orange peel. Tipsy brings out the rich flavor of the citrus and add a layer of complexity to the beverage. For extra hot days common in Contra Costa summers, adding a splash of soda water and a twist of citrus makes Tipsy the ideal drink for a day at the pool, or a cool evening sitting on your porch.

Where Can You Find Tipsy?

Currently, Tipsy is available at Petersen’s Vineyards, located in Knightsen, CA.  Petersen hosts free tastings on Friday evenings from 4pm to 7pm, and often has local musicians performing during the event.  Parking may be along his unpaved driveway, but there are always lots of open spaces to provide parking for everyone to come and taste. Even more exciting, Mr. Petersen is often pouring his wines, ports, and Tipsy at his tasting.  This makes the event even more exciting as his willingness to share his love for his products is contagious.  You can also join his wine club to be invited to other exclusive wine release parties.

As you explore your local backroads, but sure to turn at the oversized Oak tree across the street from Knightsen Elementary to experience a taste of the Mediterranean in beautiful Contra Costa County.

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