Campos Family Vineyards Is A Fine Red Blend

Like a fine red blend, Campos Family Vineyards is a Contra Costa venue that offers an expansive variety of experiences for the blend of community members that live throughout out our local backroads.  Wine blending is considered a tool winemaker’s can use to make wine the best it can be. Campos Family Vineyards is like a fine blend where they offer something for everyone to be the best they can be.  A visit to this premiere family event center will offer you a place of community, family-friendly events, celebration and wine with a focus on giving back.

A Place of Community


Michelle Campos, owner of Campos Family Vineyards, explained that the vision for Campos Family Vineyards has always been one of coming together and community. She said the wine is fun – but, the event center and estate is continually being refined to offer spaces and events for people from throughout the community to come together.  The exquisite location, with views extending to Mt. Diablo, truly answers to the Campos family’s imagined dream destination. It is a place where you can escape the doldrums and day-to-day stressors and rest, laugh and play with friends and family.

Regardless of the day of the week, you can be sure the community is gathering at the estate.   Monday evenings mean kickball players and their families enjoying the back grass area. Food options and wine pours turn the evening into more of an event than just a game.  Weekdays mean conferences, workshops and wine tasting. While weekends mean events, concerts and special family celebration, including weddings and celebrations of life. Worship services are offered to a private congregation on Sundays.

Family Welcome

Many wineries shy away from children-centric activities. Wine tasting typically is seen as an “adults only” activity.  But at Campos Family Vineyards, every event welcomes children. Michelle and Ric work hard to ensure that local families have a chance to spend time with their children as a family, while also enjoying some of the most warming aspects of Contra Costa County living, which includes beautiful views, fine wines, and time spent outside in our ideal California conditions.  

Campos Family Vineyards - Family Friendly

Campos Family Vineyards, a family friendly vineyard

Knowing that Campos Family Vineyards is family friendly means parents of young children can trust when they bring their children to an event they all will be warmly welcomed. The on-site play structure is an immediate attraction for young children, while the ball fields give older children the space to run and spend time with friends. Most events also include kid-friendly food vendors, activities and music. The grassy quad area, outlined by a circular path between the tasting room and home also create a safe, protected area for younger children to play openly, within their parent’s view.

Always A Day for An Event

In imagining a place of community and coming-together, the Campos family has not placed limits on the ways people can use the event center and estate for celebrations. Whether the celebration is one of an idea, date or person, the options for events are numerous.  Like many wineries, many young couples excitedly book their nuptials at the estate. However, other types of celebrations include birthday parties, quinceanera celebrations, and corporate events.


Campos Family Vineyards is also an ideal location for corporate training, seminars and educational workshops.  The event center has been designed to offer flexible seating and table arrangements to answer to the vision, and needs, of each event planner.  There are also options for audio and visual tools. This makes holding a corporate event at the Campos Family estate realistic.

Ways to use the Estate and Event Center

  • Birthday parties
  • Quinceaneras
  • Corporate Events
  • Celebration of Life ceremonies
  • Weddings
  • Corporate Training
  • Seminars
  • Educational Workshops

A Reason To Give Back

With a mindset of community gather, community giving is not far from the peripheral of the Michelle and Ric Campos.   What started out as one inspired wine blend and unique label has expanded into an entire series of wine options that has a giving back component.

Several years ago, the Campos’ granddaughter, Gigi, had the idea to create a wine where proceeds from the sale were donated to the Temple Grandin Foundation.  The Temple Grandin Foundation, and Temple Grandin herself, have been pivotal in the growth and educational success of Gigi. Gigi wanted to give back to the organization she believes to be grounding in her life.  And the wine, named Gigi’s Blend, has been an epic success. Not only is the wine exceptional, but the label – designed by Gigi herself, and the story of giving, has captured the heart of visitors to Campos Family Vineyards.

Gigis Blend

Gigis Blend

This next year, Camps Family Vineyards is excited to showcase a series of wines that all have a giving-back purpose.  This allows the Campos Family to continually introduce new wines into the community while also supporting new groups and non-profits in the community.  Michelle passionately explained that she “see not limits” to who they can serve through their giving programs and looks forward to watching it grow.

Wine and More!

Campos Family Vineyards has something for everyone to enjoy.  The wines are often the reason the Campos name is familiar, but it truly is the sense of community and becoming a meeting place for people throughout our local backroads that makes Camps Family Vineyards as special as it is.   With the array of events that are held throughout the week and into the weekend, almost every day there is a reason to stop by the winery. Always call or visit the website for updated times and events. When you are looking for a space of community, be sure to visit Campos Family Vineyards.


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