Aantex Pest Control Company Sets Standard

Spring showers and the bright sunshine of summer mean pests and rodents come out from their winter burrows to enjoy the warmth of the changing seasons.  And while we are enjoying all that Spring has to offer, unfortunately, so are the pests. As the temperatures warm up, ants, mosquitos, termites, spiders and rats come out of hibernation and become a nuisance.  This means that now is the perfect time to make sure your home is pest-free to enjoy the warm Spring and Summer months. Aantex Pest Control is a local pest management company that offers ideal pest control solutions to homeowners and business owners throughout our local backroads.

A Local Pest Control Company

At Local Backroads, we are avid supporters of local businesses.  Aantex is a Brentwood based business with deep roots in the community.  They proudly serve the greater East Contra Costa region, but find their core customer base resides in the far east cities of Brentwood, Discovery Bay and Oakley.   Aantex also enthusiastically hires from the local communities they serve. This means that not only do they provide thoroughly integrated pest management services, but they are also able to contribute to the local community by hiring from a local workforce.  In building the Aantex team of pest control professionals, they also work with veterans returning to the civilian workforce after serving in the U.S. military.  

Aantex technicians take pride in their work because they know they are not only representing Aantex, but they are serving their friends, family, and neighbors. They are also contributing to developing a healthy community for their families and friends to enjoy. This creates a sense of trust that when a technician from Aantex arrives at your home, they will treat your home just as they would their own or that of their neighbors.

Details Matter for Aantex Technicians

Details are of the highest importance for the Aantex family of pest management professionals.  Aantex is a family-oriented, locally owned pest control company. This means that your experience with Aantex will be personalized and better than any other national brand of pest control company might offer.  Aantex believes that taking care of your home and the people who live in it is of the utmost importance. From the first service walk-through, which personalizes and introduces their services to customers, to the notes technicians leave on your door summarizing services at the end of every visit – you will believe in the full Aantex experience.

When an Aantex professional arrives at your home, you will be introduced to the personal touches that define the Aantex experience.  For example, when technicians enter your yard, they take the time to sweep for children’s toys, sporting equipment, and pet care items.  If there are toys laying around, technicians will collect them and place them in a centralized location that will be protected from any treatments on the property. For pet care items, our technicians will empty food and water bowls and turn them upside down, to prevent overspray of treatments. Additionally, pet care items – including toys, will be stacked and isolated to keep your pets safe.  

Science is Science for Local Pest Control Company 

When it comes to finding the best pest control company for your home or business, it is important to remember that “science is science.”  What is different is the people behind the pest control company and how people choose to provide the best pest control services. Many customers request “eco-friendly” products when exploring pest control services. However, Aantex has taken the stance that Integrated Pest Management is not only the most effective manner to deal with pest and rodent problems but the most scientifically proven and environmentally respectful.

Together, when it comes to pest control companies, most companies are using the same products. There are more “eco-friendly” treatments available that have a less dramatic impact on the environment. These “eco-friendly” pest control treatments are available by request for Aantex customers.  Depending on the family or business needs and pest management expectations, Aantex technicians are trained to help you make the best decision regarding products and treatments on your home or office.  

Education Through Integrated Pest Management

When it comes to finding the best pest control solutions, Aantex follows a philosophy of “less is more.” Through Integrated Pest Management, Aantex technicians educate their customers on how to make slight modifications to the environment, landscape and homeowner behaviors to reduce the likelihood of experiencing any major sort of pest or rodent problemto begin with. These tips include removing any standing water, adding brush-strips to doors, and adding landscaping details that are unappealing to pest populations.  

Rodent problems

With proactive changes, many of the pest control treatments we are familiar with from past decades are no longer necessary.  Integrated Pest Management solutions also allow Aantex professionals to use minimal amounts of pest or rodent treatments, simply because there are less rodent and pest problems. Additionally, professionals are trained to apply and limit the number of treatment materials into the environment. This is possible with increased accuracy in how treatments are applied, often focusing on tiny cracks and crevices which are appealing to many insects.  

Woman Owned and Family Oriented

One incredibly unique aspect of Aantex is that it is a woman-owned company.  The pest control industry, at large, has a 88% workforce of men.  76.2% of all pest control companies are owned, or co-owned by men.  Only a mere 14.8% of all US owned pest control companies are owned by women.  This means Aantex represents a slowly growing population of women serving pest control accounts and holding leadership positions in the industry.  Women are celebrated, within the industry, to create stable and rewarding career paths, in a professional, family-oriented environment. Aantex embraces and embodies these characteristics robustly.

The Local Pest Control Advantage

Aantex holds the local pest control advantage over other large, national competitors.  The Aantex way ensures that each customer is provided comprehensive pest management services that answer to their unique pest control needs.  Plus, Aantex has a commitment to the community that cannot be overlooked. From providing services that have minimal environmental impacts and taking the time to educate customers on the best preventative pest and rodent control measures,  Aantex offers the local pest control advantage throughout our Local Backroads.