Zephyr Grill and Bar – A Breath of Enticing Aromas

The Zephyr Grill and Bar name have been well-known in the Bay Area for over 15 years. With two enticing locations in the Historic corridors of both downtown Livermore and Brentwood, the tantalizing dishes and full bar menu offer specialties for every palate.  Even better,  a seasonal menu that is presented quarterly that promises the best flavors to meet your seasonal expectations.

A Bit of History

Lynn and Randy Tei introduced Zephyr Grill and Bar to the Livermore community 15 years ago.  Committed to highlighting the local Livermore wines, the restaurant soon became a timeless piece of the downtown Livermore community.  A diverse menu, classicly trained chef, and love for the Livermore region, Zephyr soon became a Livermore hot spot, attracting wine lovers, millennials, and families.

Fast forward several years and the Tei family opened the Brentwood Zephyr Grill and Bar, where the same tantalizing menu, exquisite service, and warm atmosphere meet you at the door.  In Brentwood, you will find local wines on the menu and the same commitment to developing the historic Downtown Brentwood Corridor.

What to Expect at Zephyr Grill and Bar

Outside of an amazing menu and exceptional customer service, visitors will uncover several unique traits that make it the inviting and evolving, restaurant that it is.  First, Zephyr Grill and Bar offers seasonal menus. This allows their chef to highlight seasonal flavors that welcome in each season. From strawberries in the summer to warm squash soups in the winter, you can trust the menu will align with the seasonal food cravings you have.

Second, there is an incredible Happy Hour menu. The wine and beer menu, cocktail options and unique adult beverages available make it the perfect spot to relax after a day at the office.  The menu items also compliment their Happy Hour beverage options. And, the pricing makes a quick Happy Hour stop a fun, and incredibly affordable, mid-week option.

Zephyrs Summer Menu - Anchor Glazed Seared Wild Salmon

Zephyr Grill Summer Menu – Anchor Glazed Seared Wild Salmon. Photo by Ron Essex Photography

Zephyr Grill Summer Menu Blue Berry Cheesecake-

Zephyr Grill Summer Menu Blue Berry Cheesecake. Photo by Ron Essex Photography

A Commitment to Community

Zephyr Grill and Bar brand is committed to the ongoing growth and development of the Historic Downtown Brentwood corridor.  As active members of local business organizations, such as the Downtown Brentwood Coalition and the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce. The Zephyr family openly donates time, resources and a beautiful space for business members to use and appreciate.

Take A Time Out for Zephyr Grill and Bar

When you are ready for a night out, a casual lunch, or even a business meeting, a visit to Zeyphr Grill and Bar Brentwood is a perfect place to visit.  From exciting Happy Hour menus, a full bar, tantalizing menu options, and a welcoming environment with exceptional service – there is no doubt that Zeyphr Grill and Bar is the place to be.  

To learn more, visit their website or stop in for a bite.  Zephyr Bar and Grill is located at 613 First Street, Brentwood, CA.  They are open Monday – Sunday for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Call to reserve your table.

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