Ameci’s Pizza Kitchen: A Taste of New York in the Heart of Brentwood

Imagine over-sized pizza slices set on a crispy hand-tossed crust, covered in a bright red sauce and smothered in the freshest mozzarella cheese.  If you are a pizza purist, then mozzarella is all you need, while pizza lovers with a bolder palate can pile on their favorite toppings. New York pizza grew out of Neapolitan style pizza that arrived in the states when Italian immigrants brought pizza to NYC in the early 1900s. This same pizza has become an iconic, and mouth-watering, a symbol of New York.  When Californians make the long journey to NYC, pizza is often on the list of New York experiences.  However, today we are lucky enough to have a New York pizzeria, Ameci Pizza Kitchen right in the heart of Brentwood.

The Ameci’s Experience

Tucked away in a small shopping center on the edge of the downtown corridor, owner Palo Gailani, brought Ameci Pizza Kitchen to Brentwood nearly two years ago.  With Ameci came the bright flavors, fresh ingredients, and extraordinary recipes of New York styled pizzas, pasta, subs, salads, and desserts.  With options of pizza by the slice, to family-style pasta and pizza and full catering menus, there is something for everyone at Ameci’s.

Ameci Pizza Kitchen

The Ameci Pizza Kitchen can be defined by the word fresh.  Starting with the pizza dough, every morning pizza dough is prepared for the days business.  The dough is never frozen and promises the crisp crust experience that defines New York Pizza.  Produce is delivered daily to ensure that everything you are enjoying on your pizza, sub or salad maintains the crisp freshness veggies.

The menu at Ameci Pizza Kitchen is also quite expansive.  In California, we tend to think of a pizza location to truly offer pizza and maybe a salad bar.  Ameci’s offers a full Italian deli’s worth of delicacies. Regardless of the event, or the time of day, the expansive menu offers something for even the most discerning palates.

Delicacies offered at Ameci’s Pizza Kitchen

  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Subs
  • Salads
  • Desserts


Pizza and pasta are family favoritesAmeci Pizza Kitchen knows this and has a variety of specials available.  Some favorite specials include a pasta match, where families can choose from a variety of pasta dishes and also order salad and garlic bread for an easy family dinner.  For pizza nights, specials include pizza deals where customers can mix and match pizza toppings – again, ideal for people with lots of different tastes in pizza.  And for groups that can’t decide whether they are seeking pizza or pasta, Ameci’s offers specials where pizza, pasta, and salad are all bundled into one affordable price.  Ameci allows families and groups to indulge in the highest caliber of pizza without sacrificing budgets.

Ameci Pizza Kitchen

Community and Giving

Ameci Pizza Kitchen also has a powerful giving back program with local schools.  If you take the time to peak on the top of each pizza box, you will see a green rectangle that offers cashback to a school if the pizza box coupon is returned to Ameci Pizza Kitchen.  The corporate office will donate .50 cents back to each school who returns the coupon.  Palo matches the corporate office donation, making the full commitment to the school $1.00 back per pizza!  With the thousands of students, we have throughout our local backroads, this could equate to thousands of dollars back into the school system – just for purchasing pizza, pasta and subs for lunch and dinner.

Ameci Pizza Kitchen also offers special pricing for schools at school events.  Many local schools celebrate Student of the Month, or reaching reading goals with a pizza party.  If a teacher, principal or school staffer or representative calls Palo, she will be able to discuss in detail how she can support both students and the schools through her world-class pizza.

Experience A Taste of New York

The Ameci Pizza Kitchen brand started when the son of a restaurant family from Rome settled in Los Angeles and began opening various restaurants.  By the early 1980s, the first Ameci Pizza and Pasta restaurant was opened, setting the stage for rapid growth. Today, there are 40 locations in California – all offering the same high quality, affordable pricing, and deep commitment to community that we experience in Brentwood.

With a full menu, all respective of the traditional flavors of Italy and reminiscent of New York pizzerias, a visit to Ameci Pizza Kitchen in Brentwood should be in the ‘must-do’ list.  Options are ideal for lunch and dinner, for an individual through an entire catered meal.  Plus, this spring is the celebration of a major expansion of Ameci’s!  This means more space for more people to enjoy their pizza and pasta in-house.

Plan Pizza Night!

Every day is a good day for pizza. Make sure you visit Ameci’s Pizza Kitchen, located at 4550 Balfour Rd, in Brentwood, CA.  Hours of operations are 11 am – 10 pm daily.  Delivery and dine-in options are available.  Call 925-240-0000 to order your New York pizza, pasta or sub today!

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