Orchard Park: A Nearly Hidden Gem

Local Backroads is excited to feature Orchard Park, located at 40 Griffith Lane in Brentwood, CA.  Orchard Park is gently tucked away into the Orchard Park development and is bordered by beautiful orchards.  With rolling grass, numerous play structures and shade, this is a perfect park to spend an afternoon of play.

How To Get To Orchard Park

Orchard Park is located off of Balfour road in the Orchard Park development. The park is easily accessible by foot or bike if you live in the immediate area.  Otherwise, a quick trip in your car will bring you to the park where there is ample street parking.

So Many Amenities

Orchard Park is a brilliantly sized park.  Between the multiple, shaded play structures, basketball courts, and expansive grass areas, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  

Orchard Park - Basketball Court

The park features two nicely sized shaded play structures.  One is designed for younger, smaller children while the second one is ideal for kids who love to climb and aren’t afraid of heights. The smaller structure, designed for children aged 2 years to 5 years of age is recognized by many for the two climbing dinosaurs.  Some families refer to this park as the ‘dinosaur park’ for these unique additions to the park.

Orchard Park - Brentwood

Orchard Park - Zip lining

There is also a full basketball court.  The court is in excellent condition and incredibly well-maintained.  There are even benches near enough for you to sit and be a spectator if playing hoops isn’t your thing.  No reservations are required – so, it is a first come, first-served court. No basketball equipment is provided – but the court will provide hours of fun!

Orchard Park

The rolling grass areas, surrounded by a small paved path, are a beautiful addition to the park. The grass areas are large enough to for pick-up games of kickball, tag, or relay races.  The small path is ideal for young children riding bikes or scooters or even roller skating! The path allows a safe space for children to explore life on wheels without having to be concerned with traffic.

Special Touches At Orchard Park

A special aspect of Orchard Park includes the amusement features on the climbing structures.  As the small structure integrates the wonder of dinosaurs, the larger structure includes a zip-line and a climbing cargo net! Older children seem to love the challenge, and the adrenaline, these two play structures invoke!

Enjoy A Featured Park

With 100 developed parks in Brentwood alone, deciding which park to visit – or finding a new park that provides fun and enjoyment for your entire family, can be difficult.  Continue to learn about our Featured Parks on Local Backroads and it will be clear why parks are Better in Brentwood.

A Thank You To Our Sponsor The Urban Edge Farm

The Urban Edge Farm, owned by the Cecchini Family, offers fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables grown locally, sustainably, and organically.  The farm store also offers a variety of local honey, olive oil, pickles, soaps, fresh pies, homemade bread from a local cottage bakery, and other seasonal treats.  The Urban Edge Farm practices sustainable farming, which not only produces organic fruits and vegetables, it allows them to rebuild their farm soil and protect the environment. A visit to the Urban Edge Farm will allow you to enjoy the flavors of local farms while supporting a farm that has adopted positive ecological practices that promote zero-waste, nutrient-rich soil, a reduction in greenhouse emissions while conserving natural resources.

The Farm is located at 2017 Walnut Blvd, Brentwood, CA 94513

You can also visit them online or by calling 1-925-634-4400

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