McCauley Estate Vineyards: Local Winery With World Class Luxury

As you explore our local backroads, chances are good you have driven by a long driveway, protected by a beautifully adorned gate that reads McCauley Estate Vineyards.  This local winery offers world-class luxury for newlyweds seeking wedded bliss at an event center that boasts stunning views of Mt Diablo, award-winning wines, exquisite services, and acres of beautiful landscaping.  For those of you without any pending nuptials, the event center is ideal for wine-tastings, corporate events, or family celebrations.

What To Expect

If you decide to visit McCauley Estate Vineyards, you can expect to lose yourself in lush gardens, quaint winding paths, and unexpectedly peaceful water features.  Even better, the majestic Mt. Diablo overlooks the venue – creating the perfect backdrop to weddings, corporate events, or just quiet afternoons wine-tasting estate wines on the property.

McCauley Estate Vineyards - Garden

McCauley Estate Vineyards - Event Center

The property is ideal for many different types of events.  Although weddings may be what ultimately come to mind, there are many different ways that you can enjoy this local luxury escape.  When you think it is time for a visit, you can visit their webpage to book an appointment with someone from their team.  What makes this venue so special is that it is family-owned.  This means there is a special touch of attention, and a huge focus on family, when you are working with them.  Their team will take special care of each visitor to ensure their experience is memorable.

What To Do at McCauley Estate Vineyards

There are many different ways you can enjoy this gorgeous location.  The most common is to use it as an event center for weddings. Whether your ideal wedding is a huge event with all the bells and whistles, or something more intimate, McCauley Estate Vineyards is the place for you.

McCauley Estate Vineyards also is an ideal location for corporate events.  Day-long planning retreats, team-building, or training events all can easily be hosted within the Pavillion.  More fun-based corporate events may be more suitably hosted within the Game Room.

The event center also hosts a variety of private events, including vowel renewals, engagement parties, Quinceañera festivities or just a big family celebration.

McCauley Estate Vineyards-Barrel-Room

McCauley Estate Vineyards-Barrel-Room

Come for the Wine

On top of events, McCauley Estate Vineyards is an active winery! This means you can visit the event center just to try the wine.  The estate hosts wine-tasting events regularly where you can sample a variety of local, estate wines.  The Barrel Room has recently been updated and showcases a variety of high-end dream cars that just add to the taste of luxury on the property.  With full-catering options, estate wines, and a beautiful environment, this local winery is the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

McCauley Estate Vineyards - Game Room

Schedule A Visit to McCauley Estate Vineyards

There are so many ways you can enjoy the property at McCauley Estate Vineyards.  From elaborate weddings, fun-fulled corporate events, or wine-tasting in our Game Room or Barrel room, there is something for everyone to enjoy.  Visit their website or Facebook page to learn how to book your event at the vineyard.

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