Red Box Business Solutions: The People Side of IT

There is no doubt, imagining a world without the conveniences of cell phones, laptops, tablets, and computers, all of which are powered by the vast internet, is nearly impossible. Technology has not only changed the way we live, the way the technology itself works has transformed just as quickly. And this is why service providers, such as Red Box Business Solutions, are integral to the success of small and mid-sized businesses.

Red Box Business Solutions

This Brentwood-based business offers the technology solutions you need from complicated wiring jobs to network engineering and business communication tools, including server, desktop, cloud, and network management. Even more importantly, Red Box offers these services with a reputation for highlighting the ‘people’ side of technology.

A Bit of History of Red Box Business Solutions

The owners and founders of Red Box Business Solutions, Seana and Brett Fippin, have a long history of working in the IT industry. Beginning their careers during the big “IT Boom,” Seana and Brett gathered the skills, certifications, and experience to bring mid-sized business owners the support they would need to grow their businesses. They also quickly learned that for businesses to grow, they needed a strong and experienced IT support team on their side.

Red Box was born from the Fippin’s decision to relocate their business, and family, to Brentwood. As owners, they foster a commitment to helping small and mid-sized companies grow and scale. They are also passionate about working with business owners to help each entrepreneur build IT infrastructure solutions that allow for growth, answer to company goals, and ensure each business is protected from online threats – while also remaining compliant.

Seana and Brett brought their expertise to the table and opened the doors to Red Box Business Solutions seven years ago. The company has grown, remaining committed to their initial goals of supporting and improving Bay Area businesses as a world-class Managed Service Provider. What has also grown is Red Box Business Solutions’ passion for people. Not only can customers expect exceptional service and solutions, but they have also come to appreciate the people side of IT.

A Full-Service Company

Red Box Business Solutions is a comprehensive IT company that works with new and established businesses to develop personalized IT solutions for an expansive array of business types. Red Box Business Solutions is a one-stop IT company. The team will develop and design IT infrastructure, assess various industry threats, provide consultation for state and federal level compliance, and offer the day-to-day IT support a growing business demands.

Red Box Solutions

When it comes to IT services, the different types of businesses that can step in as support are numerous. For a business owner, knowing which company is a good fit, or provides the “right” services can be overwhelming. However, an added benefit of working with Red Box Business Solutions is they begin each new business relationship by meeting with leadership and learning what the company’s goals are – and what sort of current challenges the organization may be facing.

Seana, Brett, and their team then can dig in and assess current IT demands and provide recommendations on what types of solutions might be the best ‘fit’ for each client. This process allows Red Box Business Solutions to offer only the most appropriate tools for each client. However, it also allows each business owner to have the information they need to make the best IT decisions for their own business and company goals.

Ideal Solutions for Businesses

What makes Red Box Business Solutions a great IT company is that they conduct regular business reviews and IT analysis for each client, to help keep networks and systems operating proactively and at maximum productivity. Their services include infrastructure, hardware, cloud integrations, a 24-hour live help desk support staff with 105 professionals ready to assist within minutes, plus cutting-edge cybersecurity and compliance tools available to each customer. And because IT needs to change rapidly, the Red Box Business Solutions team is available to meet with their clients personally each quarter to meet the dynamic and changing needs of each client.

What Sets Red Box Business Solutions Apart?

It may be simple to think that what sets Red Box apart is the wide variety of IT solutions the organization provides. However, a real differentiator is the level of customer experience their clients enjoy every day. Owner Seana Fippin explained that she isn’t in the business of just ‘fixing’ computers. She emphasized that every single day, the goal of her team is to “make new friends and achieve ideal operational efficiency for businesses.”

The mindset behind this philosophy is simple but powerful. Fippin knows that when business owners, or anyone for that matter, experiences a computer breakdown or a malfunction with the network, it is just a bad day. Their goal is to meet each technical breakdown or failure with skilled and knowledgeable technicians who are capable of swiftly fixing problems – but also ensuring to answer clients’ concerns. Fippin wants clients to understand that Red Box knows the ‘people’ side of IT is just as important as the technical side. Their team focuses on the client experience while providing IT solutions. And ultimately, Fippin says, “We are in the people business. We provide IT solutions, but those are solutions to help people we serve.”

A Growing Commitment to the Community

The team and leadership at Red Box Solutions also have a growing commitment to the community. Owner Seana Fippin is an active member of the Brentwood Rotary Club, where her knowledge in communications is part of her service to the organization’s leadership. Red Box Business Solutions also has sponsored several business-oriented workshops where local business leaders can come together to share business tools, tricks, and resources. The Fippin team realize this is slightly outside of the direct business offerings of Red Box Business Solutions. However, it aligns with their larger goal. From the beginning, Seana and Brett have been passionate about helping businesses create IT infrastructure for success and growth. This outlet of business seminars and community giving also feeds this passion. It creates a different, less industry-specific, focused on helping the business community grow.

How You Can Work With Red Box Business Solutions

If your business has between 10 and 500 employees or depends on computer technology, a call to Red Box Business Solutions in Brentwood, CA. The team at Red Box will complete a full IT analysis of your current business, talk to you about your business goals, and create a comprehensive recommendation to ensure your business and business assets are protected.  You can contact them directly online, call 925-513-0000 or email Sean at Seana@getredbox.com to learn more.

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