The Adventure Bowl: Where You Can Feed Your Soul in Brentwood, CA

The Adventure Bowl is a grab-and-go cafe that specializes in acai bowls, smoothies, family-friendly quick bites, and ice-cream. Located at 380 W. Country Club Drive, Suite E in Brentwood, CA, this family-owned business is the perfect spot to stop when you want fresh, healthy, and delicious meal options. Learn why you should make The Adventure Bowl a must-visit when you are on the look-out for a bite to eat.

A Hint of Background

Malissa and Doug Evans are the proud new owners of The Adventure Bowl. After living in Brentwood for several years, they knew they wanted to become a more active part of the business community. They appreciated the small-town feel and loved the energy of the town. After looking for the ideal business, they came across The Adventure Bowl. Enjoying the flexibility and freedom the franchise represents and falling in love with the healthy grab-and-go options, they knew it was the perfect business for their family. However, within days of signing on the dotted line, the pandemic that has come to define so much of 2020 meant they had to close their doors before they could even officially open. 

Acai Bowl - Golden Gate

Acai Bowl – Golden Gate

This did not stop the entrepreneurial family. They took the time to rebuild and design the interior of the cafe and modify the menu to reflect the flavor palate they knew would be perfect for the Brentwood community. They worked closely with the county, and by April 4, 2020, they were able to open their doors to take-out, curbside, and delivery orders.  

Delicious Options at The Adventure Bowl

The new Adventure Bowl has an incredible variety of options. Perhaps the star of the show is the superfood acai bowl. These are exotic and dreamy blends of fruits, topped with granola, honey, and more fruit. Think bananas, strawberries, apples, blueberries, mango, peaches, pineapple, and more! An Acai bowl is a refreshing meal that presents itself more like a dessert!

Rocky Mountain with Nutella

Rocky Mountain with Nutella

The Adventure Bowl also has a full menu of paninis, salads, smoothies, shakes, and even avocado toast! Owner Malissa Evans explained that as soon as the cafe can be open, they will expand the menu. She excitedly explained there would be more varieties of avocado toast, coffee, and an on-going rotation of specials that highlight different menu items. For now, owner Doug Evans explained having new daily specials was just part of the fun of learning what their clients enjoyed. 

 Excellent Pricing at The Adventure Bowl 

In redesigning The Adventure Bowl menu, Doug and Malissa wanted to ensure their menu was priced in a way that was inviting to everyone. From acai bowls starting at $9.95 to panini sandwiches starting as low as $4.99, everyone in your group can find something appealing, delicious, and healthy at an affordable price. 



The Consistency and Quality You Desire 

In building The Adventure Bowl community, Malissa and Doug also spoke frequently of consistency and quality – in both the service and customer experience. But also of the food and where they source their products. Malissa explained that customers would get to know The Adventure Bowl experience, and she continues to work with her team diligently to ensure the experience is one that everyone wants to repeat. She said everyone who comes in can expect a warm welcome. She also said her goal is to have everyone who leaves thinking, “That was delicious. When can I come back?” 



Another goal of The Adventure Bowl is to source as much of the produce as possible from local farms. Not only will it taste incredibly fresh, but Malissa also explained, “It is just so much better knowing we are supporting the community and local farms! Who doesn’t want to shop local? I know I do!” 

Visit The Adventure Bowl 

With the warm weather here, now is the perfect time to place your order! The cafe is opened Tuesday – Friday from 12 pm – 6 pm and 11 am to 6 pm on Saturdays. Sunday you can visit from 12 pm to 5 pm. As business returns to normal, hours will be expanded. 

There are daily specials posted inside the cafe that can also be found on The Adventure Bowl social media feeds on Facebook and Instagram

South Beach Acai Bowl

South Beach Acai Bowl

You can support The Adventure Bowl by placing an order online. Delivery is available through Grub Hub and Doordash. When you place your order over the phone or through the online order portal, curbside pickup is available. Gift cards are also available for purchase online or in the cafe.

Reach The Adventure Bowl by calling 925-240-4851, visiting 380 W. County Club Drive, Suite E, or by visiting the official webpage, Facebook site, or Instagram feed.  

But, as they say at The Adventure Bowl, it is not just something to eat; it is a way to feed your soul. 

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