Lynnie The Foodie Is Our Featured Connoisseur,

Lynnie the Food knows food brings people together. From sharing a table at a favorite restaurant to inviting friends and family over to your home to share a favorite family recipe, there is no doubt that food is often the tie that keeps people together. At Local Backroads, we are excited to introduce our featured food connoisseur Lynette Chen. Lynette is the friendly face behind @LynnieTheFoodie.  

Kokoro Cafe

Kokoro Cafe – Honolulu, Hawaii

Who Is Lynnie The Foodie?

Lynnie is a Bay Area, born and raised, self-titled foodie. Raised in the San Jose area, Lynnie began her Instagram page dedicated to food in high school. Her handle, @LynnieTheFoodie stems from it just being who she is. She grew up being called “Lynnie” by her cousins, and when she started to play with Instagram and food, the name “LynnieTheFoodie” just felt like home. Lynnie explained, “It is fun to say and is a familiar family name. I liked it. And so I’ve always kept it.”

lynniethefoodie- Local Backroads

Lynnie maintained her food-focused Instagram presence throughout high school and her college years. She is currently awaiting the first day of Law School but has no intention of leaving behind her following and culinary-loving audience. 

The History of LynnieTheFoodie

 Lynnie explained she began the page as a hobby, wanting to keep a journal of all the new foods she was trying as Bay Area native. Lynnie knew that growing up in the Bay Area she had access to flavors representing cultures and foods that are not accessible everywhere. Before leaving for college, she wanted to explore and enjoy as many foods as she could.

The page LynnieTheFood began as a personal food journey. Lynnie would photograph the dishes she would order at local restaurants, as well as the foods she would prepare for herself and her family at home. As she moved on to college, the page grew – alongside her audience.  

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Wayfare Tavern – San Franciso, CA

One of the First Bay Area Influencers

LynnieTheFoodie is one of the Bay Area’s first foodie influencers. Her food-themed page came to life over five years ago. She admits she is not the most significant influencer by far but takes pride in being one of the influencers that helped create the food-influencer community. Lynnie believes her popularity, and longevity is connected with her Taiwanese heritage and the culture she was exposed to growing up in San Jose

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La Mar Cebicheria Peruana – San Francisco, CA

What Can You Expect From Lynnie The Foodie? 

Lynnie treats her Instagram page as a food diary. Anything and everything she eats will be featured on her page. She explained, “It isn’t just about business. It is about showing off what I eat and what I think about it.” Lynnie is one of the few recognized Bay Area foodies that will showcase dishes, restaurants, and recipes that are not sponsored. She will review everything she eats, not just limit herself to what people will sponsor her to highlight. 

LynnieTheFoodie knows there are many food pages and dozens of excellent foodie influencers. She said, “everyone does something similar,” but knows that what sets her apart from others is her tone of presentation. She said because she focuses on all food, and not just sponsored food, she can be very genuine in her detailing of dishes. People can trust what she is saying to represent Lynnie and not just the brand LynnieTheFoodie. She also said that when it comes to images, people have come to love her vision, which includes vibrant colors and natural lighting. She said she loves to frame things well and showcase “up close, big, vibrant” images of her foods. 

Lynnie’s Favorite Foods

As part of her upbringing and education in Asian American studies, Lynnie admits her taste palate reflects an affinity to Asian foods. A quick review of her page will showcase Chinese, East Asian foods, Japanese, Korean, and Taiwanese foods. She also said that she recently was introduced to Peruvian foods, which is a new favorite. Lynnie’s education does add a fun layer of context to her meals and her food descriptions. For example, many South American cultures were influenced by East Asian cuisines due to immigration. She said you will find lots of fresh seafood, tangy flavors, similar to the spice of Asian foods. Because she has such a robust background and knowledge base in culture, she does provide a unique twist to her posts. 

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Uncle Tetsu – San Mateo, CA

How To Find More of Lynnie The Foodie

The best way to keep up with Lynnie is on her Instagram Page, LynnieTheFoodie. You will find that she genuinely supports the small business community and celebrates how foods bring people and culture together. Her taste palate will be a delicate balance between familiarity, family, and robust, playful flavors.  

You will also be able to see Lynnie’s work on Local Backroads. We are excited to announce this collaboration to bring new restaurants, flavors, and people to explore our Local Backroads. 

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