Dine-Out and Enjoy Delightful Outdoor Dining Rooms

A New Option to Dine-Out in Contra Costa

It has been a tedious few months of changing recommendations and regulations since the onset of COVID-19 Shelter-In-Place orders placed upon the county in mid-March.  Our local business community has become innovative and motivated to find ways to continue providing excellent service while answering to elevated safety and health regulations.  Today, we are excited to announce many locations have Dine-Out options to compliment take-out services.

It does appear that we are in for a longer Shelter-In-Place period.  However, we can now enjoy outdoor eating at many local restaurants and eateries.  This means that instead of getting our favorite items in a to-go bag, now we can enjoy excellent service under the warm summer sky of East County. and begin to enjoy the local cuisine on-premise instead of as a take-out.  To help keep outdoor dining spaces safe, be sure to avoid large gatherings, maintain a 6′ foot distance between you and other patrons, cover your face when not eating or drinking and wash your hands regularly.

Here is a list of local eateries excited to invite you into their locations to enjoy exciting take-out menu options and delightful outdoor dining rooms.

Local Restaurants Who Are Open to Dine-Out or Take-Out!

Ameci Pizza


Ameci Pizza Brentwood

Boardwalk Grill & Bar


Boardwalk Grill and Bar

Brentwood’s CoCo County Wine Company


Brentwood's CoCo County Wine Company

Brentwood Craft Beer and Cider


Brentwood Craft Beer and Cider

Campos Family Vineyards


Campos Family Vineyards - Byron


Misaka Sushi Ramen Bar


Misaka Sushi Ramen Bar

Petersen’s Vineyards


Petersen Vineyards - Winery

Rubiano’s Brentwood


Rubianos - Brentwood

Samurai Antioch


Samurai - Brentwood

Sip and Scoop California


Sip and Scoop - Brentwood

Tailgater’s Sports Bar and Grill – Antioch


Tailgaters Sports and Grill - Antioch

Tailgater’s Sports Bar & Grill – Brentwood


Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill - Brentwood

Shirasoni Japanese Restaurant Brentwood


Shirasoni Japanese Restaurant

Smith’s Landing Seafood Grill


Smith's Landing - Antioch

Sweeney’s Grill and Bar


Sweeney's Grill & Bar

Zephyr Grill & Bar


Zephyr Grill Brentwood

Dine-Out and Support Local Restaurants and Eateries

The phrase “new normal” is probably overused.  Yet, there is no doubt that the way we can enjoy local restaurants, local wines, and enjoy our favorite hometown favorite eateries means ordering take-out or enjoying a “dine-out” option at the storefront location.  Continuing to support our local business owners is a surefire way to ensure our favorite places can keep their doors open until the ‘old way’ of doing business becomes safe again.

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