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Hello Spring - Ribbons and Roses

Ribbons and Roses Flowers Will Brighten Your Day

Spending countless hours inside your home can be daunting. After being ‘safe at home’ for nearly a month,…

Delta Blues Festival - Grants and Scholarships

Delta Blues Festival Offers Scholarships for Musicians 

The Delta Blues Festival Benefit Concert is a local fundraising event designed as…

Preparation is key to safe driving

Preparation Is Key For Experienced And New Drivers

The freedom and independence that comes with a driver’s license is the tell-tale sign of growing-up.  However,…

Customer Satisfaction Rating

An Online Review Can Be An Open Door to Lawsuits

Most of us are familiar with online review sites, such as YELP, Google,

Los Vaqueros Reservoir - Views

Los Vaqueros Reservoir: A Hidden Treasure Of Natural Resources

When you find yourself with a free afternoon or a weekend without plans, you do not need…

Devils Gauntlet

A Pirate’s Life on the Devil’s Gauntlet

Perhaps, thanks to Disney, the fantasy of living the pirate’s life is grounded in the adventures of…

HIMC Barber Studio

HIMC Barber Studio Is The Place For Innovative Cuts

What began as a creative outlet driven by YouTube tutorials, Derek Hernandez has taken his passion for…

Shepards Gate - Local Backroads

Shirley Ann Foundation Benefit Concert and Auction

A Celebration of Strength with the Shirley Ann Foundation Join the Shirley Ann Foundation to celebrate the inaugural…

Brentwood Cherries

Harvest Time Cherry U-pick Varieties

Enjoy the Flavors of Contra Costa County You might think that all cherries are alike, but there are over 1,000…

Free College - local backroads

FREE Tuition for Contra Costa Community College Students

The cost of college is undoubtedly a concern that plagues many families and many students throughout the state.  In…